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By Bulimba Creek, Dec 11 2014 06:57AM

Saturday 6th December saw our last "Open Day at the Sustainability Centre" for 2014 with an informative presentation on native grassess with Bryan Hacker. Bryan Hacker shared his experience and wisdom with a record crowd of 34 attendees who enjoyed a great morning of learning and the usual welcoming atmosphere B4C tries to create for these days. A great thanks to Bryan!

There will be no Open Day on January, however they will resume in February 2015 with many more great presenters and talks.

By Bulimba Creek, Dec 1 2014 11:03AM

Ashley and Laura helping Wayne, the 'uncoolest' of the B4C team, collect madeira vine. Laura has a shawl of Madeira. B4C had WC, Heather and the Three Amigos or Ecologists Au Go Go Daryl Evans, Chris Johnson and Shameless O'Connor supervising. A good morning's work by up to 90 members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. "Hell would have madeira vine" according to Laura.

By Bulimba Creek, Nov 17 2014 09:50AM

Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection investigation into polluted seepage to be undertaken, after B4C sought some action.On the 11th of November, 2014, members of the Bulimba Creek Catchment Committee had a meeting with Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection, regarding the BMI Quarry at Pine Mt Rd and the plans by owners BMI to discharge water into Salvin Creek.

Part of the immediate problem, that has to be initially addressed, is the current seepage of acidic water with high levels of heavy metals into Salvin Creek. After consulting with B4C today, Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) have agreed to investigate the current seepage of contaminated water into Salvin Creek, because of the causal effects of quarry filling by BMI on the seepage.

This investigation is intended to prevent environmental harm to Salvin Creek. We believe Council also has responsibilities, under Section 440Z (g) of the Environmental Protection Act, to assume responsibility for release of contaminated water into Brisbane’s waterways.

B4C will continue to work with all parties, including BMI, to ensure that all steps are taken to protect the environment and community – both short and long-term. There are more issues to address and questions to be answered, we believe.

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