• April 'Open Day at the Sustainability Centre' - Presentation by David Barnes on Creating Habitat for Birds - 5th April, 2014.

    Today’s open day event was an enthralling presentation by David Barnes on creating habitat for birds. David spoke to thirty enthusiastic participants on not only the best species to plant to attract birds, but also other ecological concepts that need to be taken into consideration: for example creating habitat for prey species such as insects and lizards, and ensuring suitable landscapes for biodiversity and functionality. David used the analogy of a suburb to highlight the importance of habitat biodiversity… “Think about your situation. While the majority of your time is spent in a house, you still need access to services such as stores and hospitals. Animals are the same. While they may need certain plant species and habitat types for the majority of their needs, they still require access to the other habitats they use less frequently however which are vital for their survival’.

  • Clean Up Event at Myrtletown - 7th March, 2014.

    As part of Clean Up Australia, a team of 18 from B4C, Port of Brisbane and SEQ Catchments performed a major clean up at Myrtletown, across the river from the Port of Brisbane. The site has mangroves, salt marsh and other marine plants and is a buffer to the River. The main debris collected were items washed up on high tides such as timber, bottles and fishing debris, as well as dumped items such as car tyres and household waste. It is hoped that a future rehabilitation project will be undertaken, to improve the visual amenity and the habitat for birds. Port of Brisbane funded the two skips and provided lunch for the participants.

  • Clean Up Australia Day Event at Whites Hill Reserve - 02 March, 2014.

    Sunday's Clean Up at Whites Hill. A total of 16 people attended with 4 bags of general rubbish and 2bags of recycling collected. Most of the litter was from around the edges of the sporting fields and playground, and the remainder from between the bike track and Boundary Road and the most common objects being bottles and food wrappings. Thanks again to Wynola Guides for a great turn out!


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