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By Bulimba Creek, Jul 2 2014 03:52AM

Fifteen volunteers enjoyed a sunny morning at Buckley St, Carina Heights. They established 240 native plants in the riparian area at the Buckley Street Park. Council had previously organised for a team to remove lantana and other weeds from the bushland, near the creek bank. Bulimba Creek Catchment’s field team pre-dug the holes. The project was funded by Council’s CCIA program. The planting will improve the habitat for wildlife as well as improving the water quality by filtering run off after storm events. Peter is the leader of the Phillips Creek Bushcare Group which looks after this area. He was very appreciative of the assistance of the volunteers and the Council team.

By Bulimba Creek, Jun 9 2014 12:30PM

June's "Open Day at the Sustainability Centre" was a slimy one, with Green Dean presenting a fascinating and practical hands-on workshop on worm farms! Dean spoke to over 20 eager participants on everything wormy, including choosing the best location for the bed, design considerations for making an appropriate farm, the best foods to feed your worms, harvesting the fertiliser product, and addressing issues such as unwanted visitors into the worm farm and reducing smell. Earthworms play an essential ecological role in nutrient cycling and soil aeration. The benefits of worm farming include reducing your waste sent to landfill and creating nutrient rich fertiliser for your garden. Dean will be assisting B4C in refurbishing their worm farms on the 11th of May at 10am.

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