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By Bulimba Creek, Jun 22 2015 02:07AM

Converga volunteers joined Whites Hill Bushcarers and Bulimba Creek volunteers on a perfect winter morning on Saturday the 20th of June. 50 lomandras were planted along the edge of a creek bank as well as 20 trees and shrubs in the bush land. Funding from Brisbane City Council. Thanks to everyone for their help!

By Bulimba Creek, Jun 15 2015 03:34AM

The Council Grant was for partial funding for a Communication Officer, for partial expenses such as web hosting, internet, electricity, printing, stationery, catering; and for organising various events.

At the end of the project (Jan 2014 to May 2015) we were very surprised at the number of events, talks and activities our team had organised for volunteers, schools, outside organisations and the general public. (15 Open days = 470 people; 10 tours = 388 people; 33 events = 1276 people . These included tours for students and international delegations, corporate plantings with Suncorp, Conservation Volunteers, Landcare Week and scouts. The secretary and other volunteers organised the Saturday workshops, with funding for the presenter from our Bulimba Creek Environment Fund and funding for the catering from this BCC grant. Topics included spiders, native bees, native fish, ecology, wetlands flora and fauna, solar cooking and sustainable living. On average 25 people attended each workshop, with a variety of ages. Many University students and young people attended, as well as older people from our membership base and local residents. New people found the events from Facebook, ads in the local newspaper, word of mouth and internet searching of environmental activities.

Our Communication Officer, Julie, was responsible for posting events before, during and after to encourage the general public, as well as our volunteers, members and network to participate.

Benefit: The general community benefitted from having a variety of speakers on a wide range of topics, to improve knowledge of environmental topics & meeting likeminded people. More events were advertised for community engagement and participation numbers show that activities were very popular.

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