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By Bulimba Creek, May 27 2015 09:29AM

On saturday 23rd of May, B4C were honored to host a special Communities Nursery event at our Sustainability Centre in conjunction Brisbane Catchment Network, SEQ Catchments and the SEQ Regional Landcare Facilitator, an initiative of the Australian Governments Department of Agriculture. The topics of the day covered a lot on information about setting up and growing a community nursery. Guest presenters were:

* Phillip Moran - Noosa and District Landcare Group. The group runs three community nurseries and produces more than 100.000 plants per year.

* Leigh Weakley - Volunteer Nursery Supervisor at B4C since 2014. Leigh has a wealth of plant knowledge and brings the best out of the volunteer run nursery team.

* Paul Ryan - Paten Park Native Nursery in the Gap. Paul has taken a leading role in the recent formation of the nursery following the departure of Greening Australia from the site.

A concluding panel session featuring the speakers along with representatives from other Brisbane community nurseries followed to share experiences and ideas about the future. Overall, the day was a huge success with over 20 participants who gained great opportunities for networking and collaboration.

By Bulimba Creek, May 11 2015 02:19AM

On Saturday the 9th of May, we held a special afternoon tea for guests Terri Butler MP (state member for Griffith) and Mark Butler MP (Federal Shadow Environmental Minister) at our Southside Sustainability Centre. Terri and Mark joined us for a tour of our centre and stayed on for a group discussion about environment protection challenges faced at a local, state and federal level. Thank you for stopping by our centre and sharing your time with us 'muesli-munchers'.

By Bulimba Creek, May 3 2015 10:59AM

Our May Open Day saw an informative presentation by 'Bob the bee man' talking on native and solitary bees. Bob's aim is to rescue and relocate as many colonies of these fascinating little bees as he can from being lost to development. Bob talked on the different species of Australian native bees, keeping bees and maintaining hives, and even the impact of technologies such as 3D printing on hive creation! He then installed hives around the centre. For more information on Bob and his bees, please see his website.

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